Rejuvenate to be Happy Where You Are


Bought a new property? Now’s the time to add some personal touches or upgrade it to make it your own, or to get top rental income.

Does the paintwork look a bit worn or does the colour give you a headache? Is the kitchen splashback right for you? Is the carpet clean or should you update the flooring? Is the electrical and plumbing safe …. how about the security too? Can you live with the layout or should you open up the living area or create better outdoor living? Does the grout need freshening up or do you want to makeover the kitchen or bathroom before you move in? And even if you are handy, do you have the time and mindset to do works yourself? Or will you have the energy to put in to finding, negotiating and the trades that you need to engage ….and keeping them on schedule to your move in date?

Knowing what improvements you want to do, what they will cost, how long it will take and deciding what you can afford to do before you move in ….or what renovations you can live with after you move in, can be a bit overwhelming. Moving out of your old property and relocating to your new one, along with juggling work and family lifetime pressures can be downright exhausting …adding the management of renovations to it can burst that time pressure bubble sky high! Or maybe you have bought an investment property and want a make-over plan to attract your target market, or a refresh in-between tenants at a cost-effective price ...  Get Ready For Sale will always present you with ideas on how to do what you want done (even point out the things you didn’t know you wanted done!) in the most cost effective way, and get them done before you move in if there is time, or we will work around you after you move in. We know how to achieve tight deadlines so you can start loving your new home or get it tenanted on time and on budget.


At our free property consult we will take your brief, assess and discuss the options and identify any other opportunities for your consideration. We’ll talk colours, textures, budgets, needs and wants with you so we get the full picture and get to know you.


After the consult we provide you a quote detailing the works plans, materials and colours too …or we will decide colours with you once we’re engaged and get down to details. We never forget that no job is the same and we love that! We specialise in thinking outside-the-box to deliver tailored, cost effective solutions to turn your property in to your home on time and within budget.


And no matter how small or big the makeover, once you approve the works, we agree the deadline and get it done, from start to finish, using our one-stop shop range of services and project management know how..


We don’t just have knowhow in improving pre-sale property values, we have loads of experience in working with our clients to get their house ready for sale and rejuvenate the house they move into.